How To Make Explosive Pen

Here's a GREAT little trick to play on your best fiend (no that's not a typo) at school, or maybe as a practical joke on a friend! 

Materials Needed: 

1. One Ball Point "Click" pen 
2. Gun Powder 
3. 8 or 10 match heads 
4. 1 Match stick 
5. a sheet of sand paper (1 «" X 2")


1. Unscrew pen and remove all parts but leave the button in the top.

2. Stick the match stick in the part of the pen clicker where the other little parts and the ink fill was. 

3. Roll sand paper up and put around the match stick that is in the clicker. 

4. Put the remaining Match Heads inside the pen, make sure that they are on the inside on the sand paper. 

5. Put a small piece of paper or something in the other end of the pen where the ball point comes out. 
6. Fill the end with the piece of paper in it with gun powder. The paper is to keep the powder from 

NOTE :- This Tutorial is only Education Purpose Only, i am not responsible for YOUR any crime.
            :-   Try it Your OWN Risk.

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